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Potter: What the heck is going-- set that thing down Woman This is often no hayride. Now what within the identify of Beezlebub is goin on right here?

Soldier: How am i able to wear these yet again? How am i able to ever put on a pair of sneakers with no thinking about that dude?

Hawkeye: A war is like when it rains in The big apple and Everyone crowds into doorways, ya know? And they all get chummy together.

Potter: We're gonna have to help keep these boys plenty warm tonight. You'll need to acquire heaters in the tents once again.

House: What I have difficulty with is The full concept of belief. Religion isn't based upon logic and encounter.

Dr. House: There is no this sort of thing! Our bodies break down, sometimes when we're 90, occasionally prior to we're even born, nevertheless it often occurs and there's hardly ever any dignity in it.

From the 11th episode of season five, "Pleasure to the World", Foreman and 13 engage inside a passionate kiss.[26] Thirteen is at first hesitant to begin a relationship with Foreman, but the two eventually get started courting and remain together at the end of the period.

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Henry: Appear, all I am aware is whatever they taught me at command faculty. There are sure regulations a few war. Rule primary is younger Males die. And rule range two is Medical professionals are not able to alter rule primary.

I've been up at stake. I had the guts to go available and drag 'em back on the assist station. No person's gonna get me once more with any verbal abuse because I acquired a thing guys like that will never have - self-respect.

Klinger: (viewing which the press has taken over his Place of work) Talking of drawers and sheets, I hoped to strip down to just one and slip among one other.

Klinger: Now the army is my best friend... I'll get shot during the abdomen... but I would not get stabbed in the back.

House is usually filmed using the "wander and communicate" filming technique,[7][18] popularized on tv by series like St. Somewhere else, ER, Sports activities Evening, plus the West Wing.[66] The approach requires using monitoring shots, displaying two or even more people strolling concerning locations although chatting.[sixty six] Executive producer Katie Jacobs explained which the demonstrate routinely makes use of the procedure because "if you set a scene to the shift, it's a... way of creating an urgency and an intensity".[7] She mentioned the importance of "The point that Hugh Laurie spans 6'two" which is taller than Every person else mainly because it unquestionably will make those walk-and-talks pop".

John: You do not threat jail plus your occupation just to save lots of someone who would not want to be saved Except you got a thing, something, something. The reason standard people acquired wives and youngsters and hobbies, no matter what, which is since they Really don't got that something that hits them that onerous and that genuine.

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